BGP Leak

Beginning at 2019-01-26 12:25:06 UTC, we detected a possible BGP Leak

Prefix, Normally announced by AS132301 NXG-AS C of IPC, JP
Leaked by AS23930 IPVG-AS-AP IP-Converge Data Center, Inc., PH

This was detected by 29 BGPMon peers.

Leak Details
Start time: 2019-01-26 12:25:06 UTC
Leaked prefix: (AS132301 NXG-AS C of IPC, JP)
Leaked By: AS23930 (IPVG-AS-AP IP-Converge Data Center, Inc., PH)
Leaked To:
  • 15412 (FLAG-AS Flag Telecom Global Internet AS, GB)
  • Example AS path: 264166 263566 8167 7738 3320 15412 23930 1299 45474 132301
    Number of BGPMon peers that saw it: 29

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