BGP Leak

Beginning at 2018-11-24 08:29:37 UTC, we detected a possible BGP Leak

Prefix, Normally announced by AS8790 PETRSU-AS, RU
Leaked by AS42387 SSERV-AS, RU

This was detected by 5 BGPMon peers.

Leak Details
Start time: 2018-11-24 08:29:37 UTC
Leaked prefix: (AS8790 PETRSU-AS, RU)
Leaked By: AS42387 (SSERV-AS, RU)
Leaked To:
  • 20485 (TRANSTELECOM Moscow, Russia, RU)
  • Example AS path: 33362 6461 20485 42387 12389 3356 3267 8790
    Number of BGPMon peers that saw it: 5

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