BGP Stream is a free resource for receiving alerts about hijacks, leaks, and outages in the Border Gateway Protocol.

BGP is both a backbone protocol to the Internet and the cause behind hundreds if not thousands of daily outages. Because of its antiquated design, and a lack of adoption of encryption or automatic verification methods, there is a lack of control to prevent these outages. In addition, regular BGP change notifications do not provide context around the nature of the change or the motivation behind them. As such, real-time monitoring for BGP changes and ASN announcement updates is a very important method to find indicators of a problem.

With BGP Stream, we use an automated process to cull the largest and most important outages, what type of outage it is, and which ASNs are involved and publish those updates for free to a Twitter feed and this site. It is important to us to provide this information free, in a real-time format, providing contextual information so network engineers and owners can respond to outages as quickly as possible.

Follow @bgpstream on Twitter for alert updates.